Etelka Foeldi
President of the European Society of Lymphologists
The head of the largest lymphological clinic in the world - Foeldi Klinik (Germany)
E. Foeldi is our teacher and an illustration of the fact that the problem of lymphedema treatment can be solved in any country. You just should not give up and go ahead!My name is Courtney and I am a photographer based in Berlin. I specialise on portraits, studio photography and documentary photography.

Stella Arbitmann
a lymphologist from Foeldi Klinik (Germany)
Stella Arbimann is a wonderful doctor who has been dealing with patients with lymphedema for more than 15 years. Thanks to her wise advice and support, we continue to move forward and create new projects.

Vera Sergeevna Makarova
a lymphologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, a specialist who has a large experience of treating lymphedema in children and adults in Russia.
Vera Sergeevna introduced a system of complex physical anti-therapeutics in Russia in 1996. This has enabled thousands of patients to cope with lymphedema.

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